aloha and welcome. i am seriously so happy to have you here!

if you’re looking for the roar movement, you’ve come to the right place. if you’re looking for someone to relate to, you’ve come to the right place. if you’re looking for answers, or for a hearty chuckle, or for a good cry, i think you’ll probably find something here that works for you.

to my knowledge, this body love blog of mine is the only one on the web to¬†incorporate the beautiful spirit of aloha with the edge and the sass of a new york city attitude. that’s because after seven years of professional dancing and performing in new york, i lost my shit, faced my binge-eating disorder, and peaced out. i moved to hawaii.

fQhULQt9_Nzqs79XOv-FBe3-uSaLiaaUakoZGntoETA,dgJltw-ET_6EL1bSLyWAceS6hLMT452nqcIVUY7bXgwthis blog is for you. this blog is for the weak and the strong. the lost and the confident. the skinny and the fat. the performer and the mother of three. the lover of leopard print and the hater of airbrushing. the nutella-eater, the chia seed novice, the fearful dancer, the brave pioneer. on any given day, we can be one of these things, or all of these things, and in our own journeys, we take on new roles all the time. so all of you, meaning, every bit of who you are in this very moment, is welcome here.

Aloha friend, leave your thoughts here!

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