Restore Your Roar Re-Boot Camp

IMG_5547I am so pleased to invite you to the very first Restore Your Roar Re-boot Camp, being held on the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2015. Below you will find FAQ’s and updates as the workshop continues to fill!

Details: January 15th-20th, 2015 at Kalani Oceanside Retreat on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

Rates: $1085 $975 for all blog readers and Roar followers up until September 1st. The rate goes up $100 at that point in time.

We are 15% full as of June 20th, 2014!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay the entire $975 up front?

No! To hold your spot, Kalani will need a $200 deposit. The rest of the balance is paid when you check in.

What if I put my deposit down but find out later that I cannot attend?

All deposits are non-refundable, but they can be transferred or used for a personal stay at Kalani another time.

Why is space limited?

We think that 14 participants is a wonderful number for a re-boot camp where intimate sharing and intense grooving is going to be taking place. Our two group spaces where these activities will take place holds this number of women comfortably, and that’s why we have limited space.

Do I have to be a freaking body builder to attend this retreat?

Absolutely not. You’ve seen my pictures on the homepage of this site. That is by no means what this is about. However we will be moving every single day.  This retreat is for everyone who wants to move their body, and we invite you to start practicing movement today – even if it’s a simple ten minute walk. If movement isn’t a part of your daily routine, we can’t wait to show you how joyful it can be.

We will challenge you. We will ask you to show up for yourself. You’ll be stating positive mantras while moving your body in ways you didn’t realize it could move. There will be modifications for every exercise for those who are injured, or uncomfortable. And of course remember, that even if there’s a day where you march in place for the entire session because that’s how you feel that day, you are taking the digital product home with you! So you have the rest of your life to master it. These sessions really are the beginning of a new routine – a new way to show gratitude and love to your perfect body.

On that note, we want to remind you the reason you are coming. This experience is for YOU. Your soul, your heart, your mind, your faith, your confidence, your perfect-as-it-is-body. If you want a magical six-day retreat where you lose twenty pounds from moving every day and eating vegetarian food, that’s not really what this retreat is about. Although we use the term Shrink Session, this retreat is not about shrinking anything other than your fears. So all body types are welcome, and we want to make sure that you realize you will leave with the same body that you came with – but it will be stronger and you will be more thankful for it when you leave. That is one thing we can promise.

What is the best way to get to Hawaii?

You’ll want to book your flight into the Hilo airport. We recommend you plan on arriving in the afternoon so that you still have daylight to see the beauty around you as soon as your plane touches down. Hawaiian Airlines is known for great service, meals provided, personal TV’s, and comfort. However US Airways, United Airlines, American Airlines, and many more fly to the Big Island. We recommend checking into flights on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, as fares are normally cheapest on those days.

What happens when my plane touches down in Hilo?

Well, first things first, you get lei’d! The airport is small and very easy to navigate. You’ll see Kalani signs waiting for you at baggage claim where a driver will help you with your bags and transport you to Kalani, which is 45 minutes from the airport. Once arriving at Kalani, you’ll check in, pay your balance if you haven’t already, and be shown to your room as long as it’s after the 4pm check-in time.

What’s the deal with meals?

All of your meals are provided for you by Kalani’s all-star kitchen. Fresh local ingredients, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, and cheery volunteers will greet you at the open air dining linai. You’ll find coffee, tea, fresh fruit, and a bread and toast bar here all day long even if it’s not mealtime. Breakfast is served from 7:30am-8:30am, lunch is served from 12pm-1pm, and dinner is served from 6pm-7:30pm.

Can I drink the water?

You can, but it’s quite brackish for my taste. There are filtered water fountains all over property, and we are staying in the Ocean Vista, we’ll have our own water as well.

What should I pack?

Believe it or not, we have a bit of a winter in Hawaii. It can get chilly at night (and by chilly, we mean low 60’s, so by no means a polar vortex) and it’s very humid. You’ll be living in rainforest like conditions, so we have showers every day at some point that pass by us, leaving the most stunning rainbows behind that you’ve ever seen in your life. This rain is also why the jungle is so luscious and healthy all year round. So below are some packing suggestions.

Things To Bring

  • Sneakers (for our Shrink Sessions)
  • Comfortable slippers (flip-flops)
  • Comfortable clothing for our group activities. We recommend loose clothing that doesn’t stick to your skin, soft bras, and clothing that you won’t need to fix or touch all the time when we are moving our bodies! No need to worry about fashion or bringing all your Lululemon. You’ll want to be as comfortable as possible in the heat and humidity of Hawaii.
  • Rainboots
  • Umbrella
  • Light jacket
  • Hat (for when we hike or take our Soul Strolls)
  • Bathing suit (our pool is clothing-optional, but if you end up snorkeling anywhere else on the coast, you’ll need a bathing suit for these areas)
  • A refillable water bottle
  • Bug spray
  • Sunglasses

Things You Do Not Need To Bring

  • Lots of cosmetics. I want to be honest with you and let you know that the humidity can create an interesting environment for your hair and face. It’s the cleanest air in the world. Your body will thank you for this experience. But trying to blow-dry, straighten, or style your hair could prove difficult while here. Embrace your natural beauty while here. Your face will be shiny – the humidity and healthy food will cause a glow to reflect on your face that everyone in this world is normally trying to powder away. Again, embrace the shine. Embrace the heat. There’s a beauty about detoxing and rebooting that shouldn’t be hidden under a ton of makeup or hairspray.
  • Tons of electronics. Our cell phone service is sparse here, and the internet is spotty. Will you be able to reach your family and let them know you’ve arrived safely? Absolutely. Will you be able to scroll Facebook or post a thousand Hawaii pictures? Perhaps not. But that’s sort of the whole point of coming isn’t it?
  • Cocktail dresses and heels. We have no dress code here at Kalani. You can wear your sweats to dinner and we won’t blink an eye. Some of us do love to dress up for dinner here at Kalani, but not in the same way you would for a night out in LA or NYC. A sundress with a plumeria flower behind your ear is about the fanciest you’ll see here. The terrain is not appropriate for walking in heels or wedges whatsoever. So again, bring those comfortable slippers (flip-flops) and enjoy this chance to go to dinner each night without needing an hour of prep!

What else is there to do at Kalani?

You’ll find yourself with lots of free time during our retreat. When we aren’t holding group classes or activities, you can enjoy a massage or lounge at the clothing-optional pool. There are hula classes, Hawaiian culture classes, tons of yoga options, and even our version of Zumba – Samadhi Dance Fitness that is out of this world fun. You can find a weekly calendar of activities here.

We also live along one of the most beautiful coastlines on any of the Hawaiian islands. It’s very untouched and undeveloped, and makes for a stunning and peaceful walk. We call it the “red road” because before they paved it, it WAS red from the sulfur that comes from the old lava. There are daily snorkeling outings and you can walk about a mile and a half to the black sand beach that is secluded and powerful.

Remind me again what is included in this retreat?

Great question. Besides your accommodations, meals, daily Shrink Session classes, Soul Strolls, and discussions with Olivia and myself, we will also be taking a day trip to Volcanoes National Park, where Kilauea, an active volcano, is changing the face of this planet every day. This day will include hiking and sightseeing, but more importantly, group ceremonies for letting go and having faith in what we have to offer right now. There’s nothing more powerful than throwing your fears into the bottom of a pit that was created by lava.

Kalani also holds Ecstatic Dance every Sunday morning from 10:30am-12:30pm. This “hippie church” experience, as we call it, is a barefoot, non-verbal experience where a DJ plays electronic dance music for two hours and the dance floor becomes your spiritual pathway to your higher self. This is included in the price of our workshop because it literally embodies everything that this retreat is about – which is dancing your joy and facing your fears and falling in love with the skin you’re in!

You’ll also be taking the digital product of Shrink Session and all it’s inspiration home with you. We are not leaving you hanging when this is all over. This retreat is only the beginning.

Okay, this all sounds great, how do I sign up?

We cannot wait to take you on this life-changing journey! You can email to reserve your spot and pay your $200 deposit. If you have further questions beyond that, you can email Amanda at

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